We want to develop a shared vision for the future of Chepstow 

With challenges we face from Covid-19 to climate crisis, the work of planning for the future of our town is more important than ever. We need to understand our local priorities, challenges and aspirations in order to shape the content of our Place Plan. Using a variety of methods over an 18 month to 2 year period, from workshops to online mapping, we want to engage with the people who live and work in Chepstow.

We are using a tool called 'placecheck' to  enables anybody to map what they like, dislike and what could be worked on in the town. The mapped information will provide a baseline to begin building and shaping the conversation around 'Future Chepstow' and the content of the Place Plan. Find out more below.

Take a look at our town map and add your comment

View the markers, comments and photos that people add below

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April 29th 2021 - Update and Invitation

We've had a fantastic response in the first weeks of launch this website with over 1000 people visiting the site and over 300 comments pinned on the town map or submitted via a form.

Comments received to date include opportunities for cycling, ideas to regenerate the High Street, nature conservation projects and issues around increased traffic together with signage and connection problems across the town.

All of this initial feedback is contributing to building and shaping the content of the Chepstow Place Plan. If you have not done so yet, please do take a look at the map (scroll down) and join the “conversation”!


For the next steps, we are holding focus groups sessions in May.  For the community, there will be two focus groups to choose from (both one hour in duration).


The focus groups will provide an opportunity to:

  • find out about what issues and opportunities for the town have been highlighted to date,

  • highlight issues and topics of concern to you,

  • find out more about the Place Plan and ask questions.


If you would like to sign up to one of the focus groups, please use the link below to register and book a place .

You can register to attend on either:

  • Saturday 22nd May – 10.30am – 11.30am or

  • Monday 24th  May - 7pm - 8pm


If you cannot make either of those dates, don’t worry as there will be other opportunities to join the
conversation about the future of Chepstow. The Town Council are at the very early stages of preparing
the Place Plan.


We have prepared a feedback form for anyone who does not want to add to the map but would like to share their thoughts. The Town Council plan needs to identify what people who live and work in Chepstow value about the town as well as what they think is not so great. Your contribution will help the Council decide what the community would wish to see them work on.

Click here for the form