Hello from the future!

We have been keen to include local school students in the process of preparing a Place Plan, and have been in touch with local schools since the start of the project. As the schools came back for a new term, we invited students to share their ideas for ways to make Chepstow a better place to live 20 years from now.

We hope their ideas will inform the Place Plan that can help to shape what is, after all, their future. As the future generation we are asking them to think about things such as …..

  • Better playgrounds, parks or places to hang out and meet your friends

  • Safe and easy ways to cycle or scoot to around

  • More cycle routes and paths out into the countryside

  • Less traffic

  • Local events, fairs, festivals

  • More and different shops

  • A place to get a cool job inventing new technology

  • And ….. ? It really can be any idea! (they know better than us....)